Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services and How to Choose the Best One

IT augmentation service is a savior for all small, medium, and big companies who often face hiring issues to fulfill the project’s demand of a large workforce. This new form of recruiting ensures that you get skilled professionals on an immediate basis without even worrying about the training part.

Read more about this new recruitment methodology, its benefits, and how to hire the best-dedicated developer via it.

What is an IT Staff Augmentation Service?

It is an outsourcing process where businesses get additional employees as per their demands or project requirements. One can either hire a few people or an entire IT staff with the help of this service.

Moreover, one can choose whether to incorporate a new task force within an existing structure of the company or deploy it at remote operations.

5 Benefits of IT Augmentation Services

Flexibility in Scaling up Business

A flexible work environment is not always beneficial; sometimes you get too many projects while there is no work on other days. Hiring full-time employees are disadvantageous in this case.

IT staff augmentation services, on the other hand, allows you to fill this gap and also lets you scale up your workforce as per requirement.

Availability of Wide Talent

The ever-changing nature of the IT industry restricts companies to have employees with specific skills. IT augmentation service gives them access to professionals with different skills for a required period of time.

Reduced Cost

One of the main reasons companies are adopting this new hiring process is its cost-effectiveness. It allows you to pay per project for a specific duration instead of bearing the cost of employees for the long term.

Access to New Ideas

IT is all about new ideas, innovation, and design. Having a fixed workforce means limiting the boundaries in this market. But when you have a diverse set of working professionals, you expand your boundaries.

No Interference

Overloading your team with new projects when they already have pending projects can reduce the overall efficiency. This will also hamper your company’s growth and image in the market.

Hiring dedicated developers outside the team ensure that these key factors are intact while you don’t lose the new project. This way, businesses can make sure all projects are getting done on the set deadlines without sacrificing quality.

All these benefits can be reaped only when you are aware of the right hiring technique.

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How to Choose the Best IT Augmentation Service?

There are a few factors to consider before you tie up with a company for augmentation services. The best one has the following qualities:

1. They carefully understand your business needs and have experts for the specific roles.

2. They know all the ins and outs of the industry

3. They believe in transparency whether in the recruitment process or in communication

4. Ready to give value-added services like skill training

5. Provide support throughout the process

Hire AgnitoCoders

We, Hire AgnitoCoders, are at your service to help you hire dedicated developer. We have been delivering the best in the market for a long time and have emerged as the trusted service provider.

Our company provides professionals with diverse skill sets such as Laravel, Angularjs, and React. We have served more than 100 projects successfully with a 94% retention rate. Our clients are a part of our family, no matter which industry they belong to and we are always open for support 24x7.

We serve to following industries (but are not limited to)

· Blockchain

· NFT development

· Healthcare

· iGaming

· E-Commerce

· Food Delivery

With Hire AgnitoCoders, you not only scale up your business but also get a push in the IT market.




I am Stella Jackson! Follow me for the latest technologies & IT industry updates. Contact me for any technical help or guide to hiring a Dedicated Developer

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Stella Jackson

Stella Jackson

I am Stella Jackson! Follow me for the latest technologies & IT industry updates. Contact me for any technical help or guide to hiring a Dedicated Developer

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